Frequently Asked Questions!

  1. What flavors of donuts do you carry? 
    1. We offer 3  base flavors of donuts, Decadent Chocolate Cake, Vanilla Cake & Raised donuts. We offer monthly rotations on our donut glaze flavors & toppings while keeping our customer favorites as monthly flavors.  
  2. Can I customize my breakfast sandwich?
    1. We offer 4 different proteins (Bacon, Ham, Sausage & Plant Based Patty) along with 3 different breads you can choose from bagels, English's muffins & donuts. You can build your own, substitute and add to any of our sandwiches as well as choose from a variety of spreads and aioli's. Options are limitless, try one from any location today! 
  3. Where are your locations and what are your hours of operation?
    1. We are open 7 days a week - find the location you are looking to visit and check out the times we are open. Hope to see you soon 😍

2 Old Horne Settlement Rd, Enfield 7am-6pm Monday - Friday (Weekends 8am-6pm)
318 Young St, Truro 7am-7pm Monday - Friday (Weekends 8am-6pm)
72 North St, Truro 7am-6pm Monday - Friday (Weekends 8am-6)
245 Robie St, Truro (Local Hub) 9am-7pm Monday - Saturday (Sunday 12pm-5pm)

  1. Do you offer delivery?
    1. Yes, we use done rite delivery in the Truro/Colchester area if you want to double check we deliver to your area give Done Rite a call! (902) 986-0136
  2. Do you offer catering or custom ordering?
    1. We offer a range of catering from 10-200+ cups of coffee, bagels & spreads and donuts to your next event! You can fill out the custom form to request for your group or party needs. 
  3. Do you have any loyalty programs?
    1. We use a program called LoyLap which you can download or purchase a gift card from us to receive a physical copy of the point system. We offer a point per item you order and 10 points will get you a free drink!
  4. Do you carry syrups or baking products?
    1. We make and create all of our own syrups for our drinks and have an Elevated Baker line which is a natural flavor concentrate you can add into cakes, food, icings and more! Elevate Syrups and Elevated Baker are available at all locations or online at
  5. What is the most popular drink? 
    1. Seasonally drinks change so ask your Barista at the time of your visit for which one they recommend.