Current Donut Menu

July 2024 Menu

 BASICS   $2.25 ea.
  • Frosted  - yeast ring donut, fully enrobed in flaky  vanilla glaze
  • Maple Glazed  - yeast ring donut, top dipped in sweet maple glaze
  • Sugar Coated  - vanilla cake donut tossed in granulatred sugar
  • Lemon Glazed  - yeast ring donut, top dipped in tangy lemon glaze
 EXTRAS  $3.15 ea.
  • Birthday Party - vanilla cake donut dipped in pink vanilla glaze, with rainbow sprinkles
  • Chocolate Monsoon- chocolate cake donut, enrobed in vanilla glaze, with coconut & caramel
  • Nova Cream - bismarck donut with vanilla custard, dipped in chocolate & dusted with cocoa
  • Bubblegum - yeast ring donut dipped in pink bubblegum glaze, sprinkled with pink and blue sugar
  • Strawberry Rhubarb -  bismarck donut tossed in granulated sugar, filled with homemade strawberry rhubarb jelly.
  • Dusted Lemon Jelly - bismarck donut with homemade lemon jelly, rolled in icing sugar 
  • Dusted Wild Blueberry - bismarck donut with homemade blueberry jelly, rolled in icing sugar
  • Cinnamon Sugar Halo - yeast ring donut tossed in cinnamon-sugar mixture
  • Twilight  - chocolate cake donut dipped in cream cheese glaze
  • Ube Sour Cream Krinkle - sour cream donut with Ube flavour, enrobed in flaky vanilla glaze
     ULTRAS  $4.25 ea.
    • Classic Cookie Dough - yeast ring donut dipped in vanilla glaze, with a scoop of homemade edible chocolate chip cookie dough and gooey caramel and chocolate drizzles
    • Valley Apple Fritter - yeasted dough mixed with chunks of cinnamon-sugar-coated Annapolis Valley apples, fried to fluffy perfection and topped with vanilla glaze & sweet cinnamon drizzle
    • Smokey Maple Bar - yeast long john with signature smokey maple glaze, topped with an entire strip of candied maple bacon
    • Orange Creamsicle Tart - yeast long john donut filled with vanilla custard, dipped in creamy orange glaze, drizzled with vanilla glaze
     MEGA  $5.25 ea.
    • Moon Mist -  bismarck donut filled with purple Ube custard, dipped in yellow banana glaze, with purple grape and blue bubblegum drizzles, with marbled Moon Mist flavoured buttercream
    • Taste The Rainbow  - Yeast ring donut dipped in red candy glaze, with citrus drizzle, topped with a scoop of confetti buttercream and Skittles
    • Sourdough Cream Cheese Doughnie Roll - hand-rolled sourdough, layered with cinnamon and sugar, rolled like a cinnamon bun, fried to perfection with a soft center, dipped in decadently-sweet cream cheese glaze
    *Plant based and Gluten Friendly options available daily. Selection varies.