Custom Printed Donuts

Share your message with clients, family, or guests at your event by printing edible ink directly on a donut!
Please note that our minimum order for custom printed donuts is 3 dozen. For orders of fewer than 3 dozen, we encourage you to select your donuts out of the 15+ varieties we offer daily.
Min. 3 Dozen $4.75/unit Basic text included Add $15 for full colour image
4-7 dozen $4.60/unit Basic text included Add $15 for full colour image
8-12 dozen $4.50/unit Basic text included Add $15 for full colour image
13-20 dozen $4.25/unit Basic text included Add $15 for full colour image



Payment must be received by 9am two days before pickup. If custom fillings are requested, payment must be received prior to moving forward.

Orders cannot be cancelled once started. This includes purchasing /making any custom ingredients. If no custom ingredients are required, an order can be cancelled no later than 9am the day before scheduled for pickup.


We can assist you with the design process! If you have an idea but aren't sure how to bring it to life, submit the information for your idea below and we will work with you to create a design you will be proud to see printed on your custom donuts! If you require assistance with designing your image, please submit your request a minimum of 4 days prior to expected pick-up of your donuts. 

Please provide us the following information

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Company Name (if applicable)
  • Pick-up Location (which store)
  • Date for pick-up
  • The details of your request!
  • If submitting a logo or photo, the image will need to be approved by our team before it can be printed, as not all images are suitable for printing on a donut. Please ensure the file you submit is named with either your contact name or company name so it can be matched to your request.

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